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A collection of best-loved passages from the King James Bible, the most influential book of all time.

For people of faith, the Bible is more than just the text central to both Judaism and Christianity—it is a deeply personal communication between God and his children. Now the "sound bite" generation has instant access to the power an poetry, the comfort and guidance of beloved Bible passages: highlights from the Old and New Testaments. Familiar stories and scriptures are thoughtfully structured into the traditional roles that God—and indeed any devoted parent—plays in the life of a beloved child, and will enfold the reader in the peace, consolation, and wisdom of a letter from home—a letter from our real home.

“Whether you've never read a line of the Bible, or you've read it daily for a lifetime, this compact treasure of a book offers Scriptures' best-loved passages in a well-indexed and immediately accessible format.”

-Elizabeth Sherrill
Bestselling Christian Author,
The Hiding Place and All the Way to Heaven

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About the Author

“This is the book I always wanted to have but at the time I needed it most, it did not exist.”

When a debilitating accident left author S.H. Fitzell immobilized for months, she longed for the peace and guidance that reading favorite Bible verses had always given her. But plagued by pain and short on patience, she was unable to search out significant passages. However, with the gift of time her recuperation eventually provided, she knew she must compile the book that she—and perhaps others like her—would want to read.